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HYPER JAPAN Guest spotlight: Nagi Yanagi

Many new guests have been confirmed as part of the HYPER KAWAii! lineup from ASOBISYSTEM. This includes Nagi Yanagi, a singer from Kansai.

Nagi Yanagi started out making her own music independently. After uploading covers to Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website, she came in contact with Ryo of Supercell and became their guest vocalist. She did the vocals for the popular song Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, the ending to the anime Bakemonogatari.

Yanagi then worked with the composer of Key, a visual novel studio which produces visual novels such as Clannad. She provided the vocals for songs from Key’s Rewrite. More recently she sang the ending songs for the anime series Jormungand and Black Bullet.

Check out her website here: http://yanaginagi.net/

Youtube star and j-pop enthusiast Kelsey Ellison has recently released her debut single Pom Pom, which is available to download on iTunes and other digital music platforms. The song and video are a lively and colourful mix of western pop music with j-pop influences, with the video featuring appearances from other famous Youtubers. I think it’s a very catchy song, and will be putting it on replay!

Kelsey’s Twitter

Kelsey’s Facebook

Interview I did with Kelsey

Akihabara in pictures

Akihabara is a district in Tokyo famous for computer goods, video games, anime and manga. Duty free shops are very common in Akihabara, as well as numerous Maid Cafés. Other famous cafes include the Gundam Café and the AKB48 Café and Shop. On Sundays the Chuo Dori, the main street in Akiba, is closed to car traffic from 1pm to 6pm. Here are some of my favourite photos that I took on my trip to Akihabara!

Alcon 2013 Report

My piles of homework at university have got the better of me again so I’m playing catch up on blog posts. I’ll do my best to get up to date! Many more posts to come including a report on the upcoming Kyary concert in London. I’m so excited for it!

First up a post about a convention I went to in September last year called Alcon. I’ll be showing you all some of my favourite exhibitors at the event and my favourite performances too.

Tofu Cute stall

One of the highlights had to be the ‘Kawaii Snacks Panel’ from Tofu Cute. Tofu Cute are always at HYPER JAPAN with a wide range of Asian snacks as well as adorable charms and bags. Recently launched Dreamy Bows is also the official UK stockist for Japanese lolita brand Angelic Pretty, how exciting!  The talk consisted of the history of various companies such as Glico, watching some of the fun and creative commercials and even a tasting session. Since that day I have been in love with pepper chicken Pretz. Pretz are like a savoury version of Pocky with flavours such as pizza and ham & cheese.

Soapasaurus stall

Soapasaurus were selling a range of geeky soaps with really cute designs. I was very tempted by the cherry blossom and green tea soaps! Nine Fruits Pie had all sorts up for sale including lots of different bow designs, necklaces, rings and plushies. There was also an area where you could try on some beautiful kimonos.

Hachimitsu2 performing

On to the performances! Hachimitsu2 performed with songs such as Futatsu no Kodou from the popular anime Vampire Night, as well as Oblivious from anisong trio kalafina. Their voices complemented eachother perfectly and I absolutely loved the chequered outfits. I was extremely impressed and I hope to see the duo at future events in the UK! Beckii Cruel also performed a set of j-pop dances, among them her most recent single Future Fantasy. It’s a really catchy tune so go check it out! The highlight of the performances had to be the acoustic singing duet between Beckii and Sparkles* of Gaijin-rock group Area 11. I really love the single Shi no Barado so it was amazing to watch it live.

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Scarlett’s Favourites in Tokyo

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be showing you my favourite cute fashion, food, shops and more from my most recent trip to Tokyo.

Lolli Punks is a fairy kei shop situated on Takeshita Dori. The walls were decked with pastel coloured jackets, tutus and accessories. Even the ceiling was draped with pastel tulle. The layout of the Sanrio shop in Harajuku was simply adorable. I love how the toys are arranged in the piano!

The recently built Tokyo Sky Tree certainly lived up to its name as the hottest new shopping spot. I wanted to get my hands on everything in the Studio Ghibli shop: particularly these pieces of Totoro crockery! They also had Studio Ghibli characters to use in your gardening. The Hello Kitty shop had everything you could possibly want with Hello Kitty on it: even Hello Kitty squid!

The omelette rice at maid café Maidreamin was extremely tasty and cute! The maid cast a magic spell to make it extra yummy, and drew a cat in sauce for me. There was even a live performance too! Harajuku is famous for its delicious and intricate looking crepes. And of course I couldn’t resist having my star sign ice cream at Milky Way Café in Ikebukuro. 

Lots more blog posts to come, so look forward to it everyone! Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Scarlett’s Hyper Japan 2013 Saturday Report

   As fun and fantastic as Friday, Saturday at Hyper Japan certainly had a lot to offer. With incredible acts like Yun*chi and Siro-A, impressive cosplay and yummy food there were a lot of things to see.

   Yun*chi is a j-pop singer and model under label Nippon Crown. She had a very cute and unique fashion style and a really great voice. It was a pleasure to meet her backstage. Her performance included a cover of an anime tune and three of her own songs, one of which was her collaboration song with IKP titled ‘Waon’. It was a very catch tune that ended up in my head for the rest of the day! You can check out the music video below.

   The Tokyo Fashion Story show was merged with her performance. I was lucky enough to be chosen to model sweet lolita for the Saturday show. Me and Gothic Lolita Wigs muse Elodie got to wear a couple of Angelic Pretty’s recent prints from Dreamy Bows: I got to wear Whip Showcase in cream! Being in the show was a lot of fun, I love the feeling of going on stage and doing cute poses. Other styles showcased in the show included Gothic lolita, mori-girl and shironuri.

   Although I didn’t have much time to wander around, my highlights included the Taiko drumming display, Wii U karaoke and the stalls on offer. Rococo Daze had a range of Japanese street fashion brands at their stall. They are a reasonably new UK distributor with brands such as Juliette et Justine and Enchantlic Enchantilly. I also loved the adorable deco phone cases Phantasy Phones had for sale.

   Report on lolita convention Frock On! still to come as well as my Hyper Japan Sunday report, my Alcon 2013 report and my finds in Tokyo! Stay tuned to Scarlett’s world of cute! Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Hello everybody! I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been very busy. I got back from Japan yesterday after being a contestant on SONG FOR JAPAN Nodojiman Za! World! (≧∇≦)/ It was a really amazing experience and I had the time of my life. I was so happy to go back to Tokyo and visit the places I loved again, to sing for the United Kingdom, and I met lots of lovely people. Blog posts about my various ‘kawaii’ finds in Tokyo soon, but for now here are some pictures from my trip! There are also the rest of my HYPER JAPAN reports to come, plus an Alcon 2013 report. Stay tuned to Scarlett’s world of cute! Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Interview with IroKokoro Project!

   On the Friday of Hyper Japan I was lucky enough to watch the UK members of IroKokoro Project (Beth, Serena and Dot) perform. I also had the honour of doing a quick interview with them. IroKokoro project is a group of girls who cover a range of J-pop and K-pop. They primarily cover songs from female j-pop groups such as Hello!Project. You can check out IKP on youtube and facebook.

How did you get into Iro Kokoro Project?

At the beginning people were scouted but then for later generations auditions were held. Some of us got in through scouting and some through auditions.

What is the best part about performing?

The adrenaline and feeling when on stage is amazing. It’s also great to have a supportive audience!


How many members are there in total?

There are 38 members from all over the world! We are the UK unit called ‘Crumpets’.

Is it your dream to be a singer or is it just for fun?

Absolutely, it would be a dream to be paid to do something that we love!

How did the collaboration with Yun*Chi come about?

Well we did a group cover of Momoiro Clover’s Kimi to Sekai. This was then shown on the TV program J-Melo and was reviewed by Morning Musume. We then got to meet Risa Niigaki which was amazing, and from there Yun*Chi contacted J-Melo wanting to do a collaboration with us!

Missed their performance? Check it out here!

Scarlett’s Hyper Japan 2013 Friday Report

   A great way to kick off the convention, Friday at Hyper Japan was full of fun stage acts and fabulous stalls. Highlights included great music, tasty shaved ice and adorable fashion.

   Commanding the main stage, j-rock group Vaniru gave an epic performance in their own unique style. Leoneil and Yuto, dressed in black and white respectively, did a setlist of electronica-styled gothic rock songs and answered some questions about themselves. They are currently based in Germany, and you can find out more about them at http://www.vaniru.com.

   UK Iro Kokoro Project members, known as ‘Crumpets’, gave an energetic and powerful performance over on the second stage. Covering a range of songs such as Morning Musume, Vocaloid and Haruhi tunes their voices blended together amazingly and they sounded absolutely great! An interview with them will be up on my blog soon, but until then you can check out their facebook page.

   My favourite stalls I had a look at on Friday included Nice Ice and Tofu Cute/Dreamy Bows. Nice Ice specialise in delicious and refreshing flavoured shaved ice. They had their usual flavours of strawberry, mango and matcha along with a new flavour for the Hyper Japan weekend: melon! I tasted both the strawberry and mango flavours and both were very yummy indeed, and great to have on the hot HJ weekend!

   Dreamy Bows are now an official stockist for Angelic Pretty and so they had some of the brand’s new pieces for sale including Etoile Twins and Whip Showcase. Tofu Cute next to it also had a wide range of chocomint products, cute stickers and giant fluffy alpacas. I couldn’t resist buying a bunny headbow from Angelic Pretty and a chocomint bow.

   Saturday and Sunday reports coming soon, along with an interview with the UK Irokokoro Project members. Stay tuned to Scarlett’s world of cute! Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Kawaii Fashion in ‘The Sun’

   Sorry for the lack of updates everybody! I’ve had a very busy month but now I’ll have more time to get back into blogging. Today I’ll be talking about the feature for The Sun newspaper that me and my friends were in. Other than a couple of inaccuracies in the article, such as the title of the piece and the price of an outfit, I thought the finished piece actually was quite a nice and positive one. You can read the feature online here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/4957331/Kawaii-babies.html.

Photo copyright of The Sun

   We had a shoot in their studios where we had to bring all of our outfits, and the stylist picked out her favourites for the photos. Two outfits were chosen for each of us: the stylist picked two of my Angelic Pretty pieces from my wardrobe for the photos. We also had our hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist. I hadn’t ever worn so much makeup before but I really liked the way it looked! The photos were taken by photographer Stewart Williams, some inside at the studios and some outside on the streets. It was certainly the most professional photoshoot I’d ever been to – they had the huge lights and background I’d only seen on TV shows! It was really quite an amazing experience and I really enjoyed the day. Going there with Kelsey and Jessica made it even more fun!

   My outfits feature items from UK brand Tofu Cute (who will be at Hyper Japan 2013!), who I bought pieces from Japanese brand Chocomint from, and also my lilac Alpaca (which you can see Jessica holding in the photo). The adorable little pink bow in my hair is from UK brand Strawberry Mushrooms. My wig is from UK seller Rococo Daze who now stock Lockshop wigs. Be sure to check them out too, they have a lot of great brands for sale with quick shipping within the UK!

Photo copyright of The Sun

Outfit number 1 (Whimsical Vanilla-chan)

Dress, headbows : Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Metamorphose temps de Fille, Bolero: Bodyline, Bag: Sanrio, Accessories: Chocomint (Bought from Tofu Cute), Claires, Strawberry Mushrooms, offbrand

Photo copyright of The Sun

Outfit number 2 (Magical Etoile)

Dress: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Metamorphose temps de Fille, Basket : Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Wig: Lockshop (Bought from Rococo Daze), Accessories: Chocomint (Bought from Tofu Cute), Claires, Strawberry Mushrooms, offbrand

   More blog posts to come including a post about seeing Perfume. If you’re coming to their London concert on the 5th of July feel free to say hi if you spot me! I’m really excited for it. Stay tuned to Scarlett’s world of cute! Bye bye ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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